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Osasbazaar Christmas Gift Story – Making a little girl smile with a cute gift!

Merry Christmas Background

Osasbazaar Christmas Gift Story – Making a little girl smile with a cute gift!

Osasbazaar Christmas Gift Story – Making a little girl smile with a cute gift!

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated across the world. It is the time of the year when everyone is spreading cheer. And it is not limited to race, culture or even religion now. It is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike. And we celebrate by making our clients happy.

One of our clients wanted to buy something on Christmas for his little 10 year old girl. He said his daughter had everything, but he wanted a gift which will make her happy and teach her something about the habit of saving. It was a great thought by a smart father and we had the perfect gift; a Silver Mug for baby. In any form silver is an investment. Plus the mug has a cute cartoon character and we were sure the cute girl would love it. Her father liked the idea and bought it from us. She was a fan of chota bheem so we got a silver mug with chota bheem just for her. It took some extra effort but we do as much as possible for clients. We delivered it before Christmas and this is the message we got today morning from the happy client.

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We are so glad the gift brought a smile on a sweet girl’s face. That is more important to us that any money. Her father also told us that he explained her why he gifted a silver item. It was an investment; it was useful and even after several years of using it she could get most of her money back. She now knows there are things which can be used and kept as investment. Hope she remembers the lesson her father wants her to learn. It’s a valuable lesson for us all.

Invest. Save. And most importantly bring a smile. The best gift for Christmas is always Silver.

Merry Christmas!

How to Buy Silver in India – A Guide

Silver offers the best value among all precious metals. Even today it is an undervalued commodity and investment in silver is very beneficial and prudent. Unlike Gold, Silver is popular not only for jewellery but also for many gift articles. Silver is the only precious metal with so many offerings; Jewellery, Stationery, Gift Articles, Showpieces, Coins & Bars, Dining Set, Cutlery and even Books. It is considered to be a luxury in India and is gifted on every special occasion to friends and family from birthdays to weddings.

But do you know what things you need to consider before buying silver? Do you know that not every silver article or coin you purchase is same? That there is a difference in purity, price and even weight? Often you do not get the purity you are paying for or a price that is current in the market. Do you know what are the components of pricing while buying a silver article? With so many things to consider, let us help you with how to buy silver in India. We will cover the following topics in the following paragraphs.

♥ Silver Purity

♥ BIS Hallmark

♥ Certification of Purity

♥ Silver Pricing

♥ Silver Weight

♥ Silver Plating

♥ Silver Articles Packaging

♥ Silver Tarnishing

♥ Silver Futures

♥ Where to Buy?

Silver Purity

Silver Purity & Standards Table

[table colalign=”center|center|center|center” ]Purity, Name, Standard, Common Items
99.99%, Ultra Fine Silver, 9999, Coins & Bars (Very Rare)
99.9%, Fine Silver, 999, Coins & Bars
99.0%, Pure Silver, 990, Coins Bars & Silverware
97.0%, ,970, Coins Bars & Silverware
92.5%, Sterling Silver, 925, Jewellery & Fancy Items
90.0%, Coin Silver, 900, Jewellery & Fancy Items
83.5%, , 835, Jewellery & Fancy Items
80.0%, , 800, Jewellery & Fancy Items[/table]

Did you know silver coins, articles and jewellery are available in different purity levels? You will hear terms like 925 or 92.5%; Sterling or Fine Silver; Silver or Silver Plated, etc. Also more confusion arises when sellers use words like tunch, pure, 100% pure, etc. to specify purity of the silver which are never accurate measure of purity.

[table attr style=”background-color:#e6e6e6″]
What is Silver Purity

100% Pure Silver is too soft to produce a functional object. Therefore an alloy of Silver and other metals like Copper is used to give the object strength. It does not however effect the appearance of the object.

Silver Purity refers to the percentage content of Silver in the said item. For eg. A 92.5% Pure Silver Pen contains 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals.

In India, silver jewellery and items are available in many standard purity levels. These are accepted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as well. Please refer to the Silver Purity & Standards Table.

The world-wide accepted standard is the Sterling Silver or 92.5% Purity Silver. Anything above that is obviously better. However due to old trade practices you’ll often find that, in India, silver articles are generally available with purity below sterling silver. Although nowadays many jewellers and silver dealers are following silver standards and making silver jewellery and articles with atleast 92.5% purity.

Diwali Gift Ideas with Traditional Values

Whenever we think of Diwali or Deepavali, we are reminded of firecrackers, sweets, decorations with lights, Laxmi Puja, new clothes, holiday, celebrations, family gatherings and a feeling of excitement and warmth that comes from happiness all around us. The whole atmosphere during Diwali is of joy and celebration and rightly so. After all it is celebrated in honour of return of God Ram with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after defeating evil king Ravana. It symbolizes victory over evil, one which we hold so close to our hearts. If you think about it, all the things close to your heart are related to either your friends, family or that special someone. So this Diwali, why not do something for your loved ones?

We have come up with a few gift ideas for Diwali this year. And being honest to the Diwali spirit these ideas will uphold the traditional values along with bringing a big smile on the faces of your sweetheart, friends, family and even social & business contacts.

Personalized Greeting Card

This is the simplest yet the most heart-warming gift for any occasion. And no, we are not talking about the e-greeting cards or even the corporate ones. Not even the ones at Archies. We are talking about the personalized, hand-made greeting cards. However simple they might be, they show the greatest care, love and of course personal touch. When everything around us is being done using technology, a personal hand-made card can achieve a much deserved appreciation. Get a paper, fold it in two, draw or paint something creative, write a message and voila, your greeting card is ready. It is the most traditional gift. If however you are looking to add a luxury touch to it we have developed a Silver Greeting Card which can be customized however you want. It cannot get more luxurious and personal than this! Contact us here for more details!

Traditional Value: We think greeting cards show the traditional value of inner purity.

Handmade Diwali Greeting Card
Handmade Diwali Greeting Card

Dry Fruits Box

It is a very old tradition to gift dry fruit boxes for Diwali. A lot of specially decorated boxes of Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios & Raisins are available in the market. Dry fruits are always accepted with smile. If however you are looking to add a touch of royalty and uniqueness to the traditional dry fruits do check our Silver Dry Fruits here. You’ll definitely receive appreciation and praise for this exotic gift idea.

Traditional Value: We think Dry Fruits stand for the values of wisdom and prudence.

Real Dry Fruits in a Box
Real Dry Fruits in a Box

Silver Coins

The range for these starts at ₹50 and can be taken as high as desired. A wide variety of God Coins, Best Wishes Coins and Festive Coins are available practically every where. Coins are the easiest choice for many who are looking to gift something rich. But why go with the common coins? Gift something unique with Laser Engraved Coins or Lucky Coins. Both these options will show the recipient that you care enough for them and their well being. They will never forget this gesture of love.

Traditional Value: Coins as a gift denote respect and personalized coins show how much you love and care.


Silver God Coin
Silver God Coin

Chocolate and Sweets Basket

Chocolates can never go out of style or hearts and neither can the amazing varieties of Indian Mithai. These can be complementary as well as a whole gift in itself. The choices are huge. You can gift traditional sweets, imported chocolates, desi Cadbury and even western baked desserts. Make it into a basket, decorate it and it’s the most delicious gift ever. No one ever says no to chocolates & sweets and if they do, they sure aren’t happy about it. Thinking about how to add that luxury touch to this gift? Well, complement it with any of the wide range of Silver Gift Items available on our Shop and you have the most perfect gift for Deepavali.

Traditional Value: We believe that this gift has a traditional value of being sweet (literally!) and kind hearted.

Chocolates and Indian Sweets Gift Basket
Chocolates and Indian Sweets Gift Basket

A few more ideas…

Any gift given with a honest heart will definitely be appreciated. Be observant of the wishes of your loved ones because the best gift is the one most desired. However, if you are still looking for a few more diwali gift ideas, do visit our shop page to see if you like anything.