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Lucky Ankh Silver Coin

Silver Lucky Ankh Coin has many Powers of Luck!Silver Lucky Ankh Coin has many Powers of Luck!

Lucky Ankh Silver Coin


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  •  Material: Lucky Ankh Silver Coin is made of Silver Metal of 999 Purity. Weight of Silver is 5 grams.
  •  Design: One side of the coin has a Lucky Ankh on it with Matte Finish. This is based on the ancient Ankh artifacts retrieved from archaeological expeditions in Egypt. The other side gives details of luck. The text is in Matte Finish. The coin has a tiny hole on the top which many consider lucky and it also facilitates other uses for the coin as an accessory.
  •  Packaging: Comes in an exquisite plastic card which is then packed into a beautiful envelope. We send various freebies to accessorize the coin. We send a Free Silver Care Kit with this product!
  •  Certification: This product is BIS Hallmarked. BIS hallmark is an official guarantee of purity of precious metal articles.
  •  Gift Occasions: This is an ideal gift for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to festivals and weddings. It is a perfect corporate and social gift.
  •  Ideal Gift For: Gift it to yourself or anyone who needs a little luck on his/her side.
  •  In the Box: One 999 Lucky Silver Coin, One Silver Polished Accessory Chain, One Silver Polished Charm Hanger, One Silver Polished Key Chain, One Charm Hanger Thread, One Silver Care Kit. Watch the Unboxing Video here!
  •  Warranty: Lifetime Buyback Warranty on Silver Metal. Please click here for further details.
1Customer Reviews
Jan 14, 2021 by DR.Jagesh kamath on amazon

Good piece.

Very good purchase. Check the original review here


Lucky Ankh
999 Fine Silver Coin

You hold the key to your life!

The Egyptian Civilization, which lasted for about 6000 years, considered The Ankh as the most powerful symbol. The hieroglyphic sign of Ankh meant ‘Eternal Life’. In many hieroglyphs Egyptian Gods Amun, Anubis, Hathor, Horus, Isis, Osiris, Ptah, Ra, Seth, etc. are holding an Ankh. The Gods bestowed Pharaohs with Power, Wealth, Wisdom, Insight, Youth & Long Life with the Ankh. The Ankh also symbolized perfect sexual union and thus fertility.

Stroke of Luck
Eternal Life, Youth, Wisdom, Insight, Fertility, Power & Wealth.

Luckshot In
Ancient Egypt & Later the Whole World!

Lucky Since ♠
Ancient Times

The Ankh Legends!

Origin of Ankh

The ankh is one of the best and most widely known symbols of ancient Egypt and it is often used as the graphic synonym for this ancient culture. Egyptologists called it the symbol of “Eternal Life”. It is also called the “handled cross” or “crux ansata”. A. Wallis Budge & Wolfhart Westendorf postulated that the symbol originated as the belt buckle of the mother goddess Isis, with the notion that both the ankh and the knot of Isis were used in many ceremonies. It is believed to be an indispensable lucky charm for the Pharaohs (Egyptian Rulers). They considered it to be a spiritual symbol. Ankh was made of many different materials, from wood and precious stones, to metals of gold and silver.

The ankh appears in many Egyptian tomb paintings and art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess. Also, it was often carried by Egyptians as an amulet. Mirrors of metal were found made in the shape of an ankh, either for decorative reasons or to symbolize a view into another world.

Ankh and Gods
Processions of Gods with Ankhs in the Valley of the Kings

Lucky Ankh for Youth and Eternal Life

The Ankh has long been associated with the Egyptians as a symbol of regeneration. A painting of Ancient Egypt shows Goddess Hathor holding the ankh up under the nose of Queen Nefertari who was one of the most popular Egyptian Queens. It is said she received the “Breath of Life” from the Goddess herself. Hathor was the Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

The ankh also symbolized the spring from which the divine virtues and the elixir of immortality flowed and so to hold the ankh was to drink from the well of life.

Ankh Goddess Hathor and Nefertari
Goddess Hathor holding the ankh up under the nose of Queen Nefertari

Lucky Ankh for Wisdom and Insight

Some Egyptian art depicts a priest or priestess placing an Ankh in the middle of their own forehead (over the third eye) as a means to connect to the divine God/Goddess. Healers often placed the Ankh over wounds or areas that required attention, to promote regeneration and divine healing. It signified wisdom and insight on the highest level.

The ankh represented the key to all hidden knowledge. The ankh was the key to unravelling the mysteries of life and death.

Many reliefs in Ancient Egyptian temples show scenes where the king is offered the ankh by the gods. This symbolized the divine bestowal of eternal life and infinite wisdom.

An Osiris Pillar with Ankh
Ankh was believed to have Healing Powers & it bestowed Infinite Wisdom

Lucky Ankh for Wealth and Power

The ankh appears in hand or in proximity of almost every deity in the Egyptian pantheon including Pharaohs. Evidently, it was known as the “Key of the Nile” which made it into a very powerful symbol. When the gods held the ankh, it showed that they commanded the powers of life and death. When pharaohs held the ankh, it showed that they commanded wealth and power over their kingdoms. Images of Gods passing Ankh to Pharaohs meant they blessed them with unlimited wealth and power.

God Horus Pharaoh and Ankh
God Horus Passing Ankh to a Pharaoh

Lucky Ankh for Fertility

The loop represents the female principles or the Goddess, within nature and the divine universe. The staff represents the masculine God and male principles. The cross bar represents the division of the male and female aspects of life, and the balance of polarity between the two. This is man and woman in a perfect union. By joining together man and woman in perfect harmony, new life is created. The Ankh was often used to symbolize the act of conception.

The ankh also represents the sun crowning over the horizon and thus represents regeneration, re-growth, and renewal.

Ankh Perfect Union
Ankh represents Perfect Union and Fertility

Lucky Ankh – Powers and Uses people believe in!

♥ Carry an Ankh always with you – It depicts Power and attracts Wealth!

♥ Ankh on a mirror gives you the ability to look into the future!

♥ Wear Ankh on a Necklace for eternal health!

♥ Dip the Ankh in water and bathe in the water for eternal youth!

♥ Keep the Ankh on your bedside or under the pillow for good luck with fertility!

♥ Keep the Ankh on your Study Table or Office Desk for Wisdom & Intelligence!

♥ Hold the Ankh in your hands to boost your confidence or to overpower someone!

♥ It is believed that bringing the Ankh close to your nose gives you the divine Breath of Life and remove all illness!

Silver Lucky Ankh Coin has many Powers of Luck!
Silver Lucky Ankh Coin has many Powers of Luck!

This Lucky Ankh Coin Might Just Bring The Required Luck in These Times!

We believe a little luck on your side, goes a long way. So why not keep all the lucky charms with you all the time? But if you don’t want that, we have identified certain times and situations where this Lucky Ankh Silver Coin might just bring the required luck to your side…

♥ Pregnancy: The Ankh symbolizes Life and you create and welcome life when you are expecting a child with your spouse. Keep the Ankh with you to bring that Divine Breath of Life for your child. May he/she be born healthy and wise!

♥ Interview: It is a situation where you not only need to sell yourself but also not be overpowered. Keep an Ankh with you to feel confident and give you the luck needed to go the long way!

Celebrity Associations!

You thought only we are crazy about The Ankh? Wait till you see these celebrities proudly showing off this ancient symbol of luck. These are collected from various pictures available over the internet.

Rihanna and Ankh Necklace
Celebrity Singer Rihanna wearing an Ankh Necklace
Elvis Presley Ankh
The Legend Elvis Presley wearing an Ankh
Wesley Snipes Ankh Charm
Blade Movie Series star Wesley Snipes wearing an Ankh
Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow Ankh
Friends Star Lisa Kudrow sporting an Ankh

Lucky Ankh on a Silver Coin!

The ankh appeared frequently in coins from ancient Cyprus and Asia Minor. We continued the tradition to present to you “Key of Life – The Ankh” on a 99.9% Fine Silver Coin. May it bring you good luck, eternal healthy life, youth, power, wealth, wisdom, insight and fertility.

But why a silver coin?
♥ Silver is the luckiest metal on earth. It is precious. It has over a thousand industrial applications. It is even found in Supernovae. Wow!
♥ Coins have been considered lucky since their invention. Who wouldn’t want money? Finding a coin is considered lucky all over the world. But a coin with a hole is considered even more lucky. Don’t know why!
♥ Silver Coins are considered lucky on their own. There are various examples ranging from Lucky Sixpence in Great Britain to Mercury Dime in the US.
So, we took some Silver, made it into a Coin, drilled a tiny hole and put lucky charms on it. It is now Super Duper Lucky!

Accessorize your Lucky Charm!

We include a variety of freebies to accessorize your Lucky Charm. These are:
♥ A Silver Polished Key Ring
♥ A Multipurpose Silver Polished Chain
♥ A Silver Polished Charm Hanger
♥ A Multipurpose Strap

Lucky Charm Accessory Key Ring
Silver Polished Key Chain Ring
Lucky Charm Accessory Silver Polished Chain
Silver Polished Multi Purpose Chain
Lucky Charm Accessory Charm Hanger
Silver Polished Charm Hanger & Pendant Hook
Lucky Charm Accessory Thread Hanger
Nylon Thread Charm Hanger Strap

You can use these accessories and run your imagination wild in thinking of ways to wear your silver lucky charm coin. However we suggest you try some of these styles.

Lucky Horseshoe Belt Loop and Lucky Clover Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe & Lucky Clover on a Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe Silver Key Ring
Lucky Horseshoe on a Silver Key Ring
Lucky Ankh in Wallet
Lucky Ankh Silver Coin Card in Wallet
Lucky Elephant Silver Bracelet
Lucky Elephant on a Silver Bracelet
Lucky Clover on a Purse
Lucky Clover Silver Coin on a Purse
Lucky Ankh Necklace Lucky Dice Necklace
Lucky Ankh and Lucky Dice on a Silver Necklace
Lucky Ladybug Phone Strap
Lucky Ladybug Silver Coin as a Mobile Charm
Lucky Ladybug Silver Earring
Lucky Ladybug as a Silver Earring
Lucky Elephant Pen Drive
Lucky Elephant Silver Coin on a Pen Drive