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Personalized Silver Keychain

Batman and You Silver Keychain by OsasbazaarBatman and You Silver Keychain by Osasbazaar

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This Silver Keychain is a perfect blend of personal touch, affection, luxury and glamour. It’s the perfect gift for him or her, friends and family! Available in 2 sizes. Detailed description below.

Coin Material: Pure Silver Metal – 99% Purity
Silver Weight: 5 gms & 10 gms
Certification: BIS Hallmarked. Purity Guaranteed.
Image & Print: Vibrant Colors on High Quality thin PVC Sheet.
Keyring: Stainless Steel
Packaging: Especially Made Silver Leatherette and Blue Satin/Velvet Box.
Gift for: Every Occasion, festival & Event. Perfect Return Gift.
Ideal Gift for: All your family and friends
You get a Free Silver Care Kit with this product!

To get your personalized Silver
Keychain, Please contact us at:

Whatsapp: +91-93219-77570

0Customer Reviews


A personalized silver keychain with printing on both sides. A special gift for a special someone!

Osasbazaar® Personalized Silver Keychain

Everyone loves a personalized gift. But why? Because of these reasons:

It shows the recipient that you gave a lot of thought to make the gift special.
An ordinary gift becomes special with your personal touch.
It is so much more memorable, because it makes your relationship strong.
You can express your feelings.
You get the chance to decide the design, color, message and picture of your gift.

But you only find personalized mugs, personalized books, personalized photo frames, etc. What happens when you want a luxury personalized gift which is not common?

Presenting, Personalized Silver Keychain by Osasbazaar!

It is Silver, it is personalized and the best part is you can gift it on any occasion. We are so sure your gift will be very memorable and earn you a lot of praises. This will brighten their mood and make them feel very special! This is the perfect blend of personal touch, affection, luxury and glamour. This is the gift which will be remembered for many years.

It is available in 2 sizes:
5 gm silver – diameter – 24 mm
10 gm silver – diameter – 32 mm

We will help you with the whole concept and designing. You just have to let us know the occasion or event of gifting. The design will be colorful, lively and will definitely make the recipient feel special. The image is printed on a high quality thin PVC sheet which means vibrant colors and lustrous shine.

To buy, contact us now!

Whatsapp: +91-93219-77570