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What is BIS Hallmark? How does a BIS Hallmark guarantee the purity of Silver item?

Hallmarking is done to accurately determine the proportionate content of precious metal in jewellery/artefacts or bullion/coins. This is also and official recorded.

  • BIS Hallmark is highest purity assurance for Silver in India.
  • The product is tested and certified by Government Licensed Hallmarking Centre.
  • For hallmarking of jewellery, a jeweller has to obtain a registration from BIS. Only Licensed Jewellers, like us can get their articles hallmarked.
  • Hallmarking Scheme is currently voluntary for silver items in India.

The BIS Hallmarking process is as follows:

  • The registered jeweler submits the jewellery for hallmarking to BIS recognized Hallmarking Centre. 
  • Hallmarking centres are the testing centres where the jewellery is tested. 
  • After testing, the Hallmarking centre applies hallmark on the jewellery if the jewellery meets the requirement of the standard.

Acceptable BIS Hallmark Purities in Silver:

Silver 99%
Silver 97%
Silver 92.5%
Silver 90%
Silver 83.5%

Check the validity of our BIS Hallmark License No. 7700046917 here:

Sample BIS Hallmark on a Silver Glass

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