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About Us

The story of Osasbazaar®

Osasbazaar® wants to bring joy to you, your family and friends by offering luxurious products which are thoughtful and have intrinsic value.

Osasbazaar® has an outstanding range of pure silver articles like Silver Utensils and Cutlery of highest purity, Baby products which are naturally hygienic and cute, auspicious Pooja items which bring positive energy and Unique Gifts which will delight not only you but also all the special people in your life as these are the perfect gifts for any occasion.

Osasbazaar® offers you the highest purity in silver which is BIS Hallmarked and Certified, the products are a perfect blend of beloved traditions and modern functionality. You get a true luxury experience while investing your money in Silver.

Osasbazaar® is very close to the heart of the founder Pawan Agarwal as it is a business which not only helps the customers with true value, but also the Karigars and Craftsmen by showcasing their beautiful creations to the entire world. ‘OSAS’ stands for ‘Outstanding Silver Articles’ and so Osasbazaar® is a market of all outstanding silver articles.

Pawan Agarwal
Founder & CEO,

Team Osasbazaar

About Us

Osasbazaar® is all about Silver Gift Items for your family, friends and loved ones. You get a Silver Gift Article for every event, festival and occasion. And this is what we are offering to you:

♥ Certified Purity: Not everything can be made of 99.9% Fine Silver, but at least you should know, for how much silver you are paying. You get a certificate of purity with every item you buy from us. It can be a BIS Hallmark or a Purity Certificate. You will always know how much silver is actually in the item you buy!

♥ Design & Finishing: It can range from simple and elegant to very exquisite and intricate. With us, you will find the best of all available designs and designer products because we work with the best designers & craftsmen.

♥ Packaging: Since Silver items are mostly gifted, packaging has to be thoughtful. We take care of all your gifting needs and you get a Ready to Gift Silver item in very attractive packaging! We assure you that you’ll earn lots of praises when you gift an item from Osasbazaar®.

♥ Care: You care for all your silver items and we assist you in every way possible. That is why you get a Silver Care Kit, an Anti-Tarnish Strip and a Gift Kit with every silver item you purchase from us!

♥ Lifetime Warranty: Every silver article you buy from us is covered by a lifetime warranty. You can get the cashback of the market value of the silver content in the item anytime, even if it is damaged. Check further details on ‘Lifetime Warranty’ page of our website.

♥ Experience & Concept: We don’t sell. We help you with the concept, personalization and even customized packaging. Whatever your requirement is, let us know and we will help you create a memorable and pleasant gifting experience.

Lastly, you don’t have to believe what we say! Just check out the reviews we have received over the years from our customers on so many items and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if you need to know any further details, contact us any time on email, whatsapp or a call and we’ll be there for you!

Other Details:

Our Silver product range includes Unique Silver Items, Traditional
Silverware, Silver Coins, Corporate Gifts, Silver Pooja Items, Silver
Ganesh ji, Laxmi ji and other Silver God Idols, Silver Wedding Gifts,
Silver Utensils for Baby, Romantic Silver Gifts, Personalized Silver
gifts, Customized Silver Gifts, Silver gifts for festivals and
occasions, silver gifts for birthdays & anniversaries and a lot

We have silver items for the following festivals:
Valentine Gifts, New Year Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Rakhi Gifts, Bhaidooj Gifts, Easter Gifts, Eid Gifts, Holi Gifts, Karva Chauth Gifts, etc.

We have silver items for the following events & occasions:
Gift for Birthday, Gift for Anniversary, Love Gift, Romance Gift, Gift for Wedding, Gift for Sorry, Gift for Thank You, Gift for Get well Soon, Gift for Congratulations, Gift for Farewell, Gift for Good Bye, Gift for Good Luck, Miss You Gift, Gift for New Born Baby Boy, Gift for New Born Baby Girl, Gift for New Venture, Gift for Promotion, Retirement Gift, Gift for Parents Day, Gift for Friendship Day, Gift for Mother’s Day, Gift for Father’s Day, Gift for Teacher’s Day, Gift for Daughter’s Day, Gift for Women’s Day, Gift for Boss Day, Gift for Doctors Day, etc.
We have silver articles for the following loved ones:
Gift for Fiancee, Gift for Fiance, Gift for Male Friend, Gift for Female Friend, Gift for Boyfriend, Gift for Girlfriend, Gift for Brother, Gift for Sister, Gift for Husband, Gift for Wife, Gift for Father, Gift for Mother, Gift for Son, Gift for Daughter, Gift for Groom, Gift for Bride, Gift for Couple, Gift for Parents, Gift for Friend, Gift for Him and Gift for Her, Gift for Boys, Gift for Girls, Gift for Men, Gift for Women, etc.
Apart from this we send gifts across India, help you with gift articles and gift ideas for men and gift ideas for women.