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Lucky Dolphin Silver Coin

Silver Lucky Dolphin Coin has many Powers of Luck!Silver Lucky Dolphin Coin has many Powers of Luck!

Lucky Dolphin Silver Coin


You Save: ₹ 2090 (61%)
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  •  Material: Lucky Dolphin Silver Coin is made of Silver Metal of 999 Purity. Weight of Silver is 5 grams.
  •  Design: One side of the coin has the cutest Dolphin we could find with Matte Finish. The other side of the coin gives details of luck. The text is in Matte Finish. The coin has a tiny hole on the top which many consider lucky and it also facilitates other uses for the coin as an accessory.
  •  Packaging: Comes in an exquisite plastic card which is then packed into a beautiful envelope. We send various freebies to accessorize the coin. We send a Free Silver Care Kit with this product!
  •  Certification: This product is BIS Hallmarked. BIS hallmark is an official guarantee of purity of precious metal articles.
  •  Gift Occasions: This is an ideal gift for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to festivals and weddings. It is a perfect corporate and social gift.
  •  Ideal Gift For: Gift it to yourself or anyone who needs a little luck on his/her side.
  •  In the Box: One 999 Lucky Silver Coin, One Silver Polished Accessory Chain, One Silver Polished Charm Hanger, One Silver Polished Key Chain, One Charm Hanger Thread, One Silver Care Kit. Watch the Unboxing Video here!
  •  Warranty: Lifetime Buyback Warranty on Silver Metal. Please click here for further details.
3Customer Reviews
Mar 10, 2019 by Kirtu Riba on


Osabazaar Silver Dolphin coin is very good from all aspects( purity,beauty ,packing & accessories). I love and recommend it. Check the original review here!
Jun 8, 2018 by Amul on snapdeal


Very good product
Check the original review here!
Apr 1, 2017 by Amazon Customer on amazon

EXTREMELY SATISFIED. I can possess everything in the silver kit ...


Lucky Dolphin
999 Fine Silver Coin

Some of the greatest minds on earth, live in the seas!

Dolphins have been viewed as somehow magical for millennia by humans. Sailors believed sight of dolphin meant that land was nearby. Dolphins befriended Fishermen. Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea was surrounded by dolphins. So, Dolphins symbolize protection and friendship.

In ancient art, Cupid & Aphrodite are often shown riding a dolphin. No wonder Dolphin promises true love & true beauty.

The playfulness, curiosity, and intelligence of these sea creatures is astonishing and it is believed that it passes on to you if you keep a dolphin near you!


♠ Brings Good Luck and
Protection, Intelligence, Creativity, Art, Beauty, True Love and Friendship!

Luckshot In
USA, Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Ireland & the Whole World!

Lucky Since ♠
Ancient Times!

The Dolphin Legends!

Origin of Dolphin as a Lucky Symbol

Dolphin has been considered lucky in many different societies and religions throughout the ages. Although there are many different meanings associated with the dolphin protection and friendship is much more common. Many ancient cultures referred to Dolphins as the “King of Fish”. Evidence of dolphin representations have been found in ancient biblical times, ancient Greece, Eastern Mediterranean, Celtic times, Sumer, Egypt, Rome, Native Americans, New Zealand, Australia, Amazon Region and even in ancient China. Dolphins have been depicted in Greek ancient pottery pieces, seals, coins and mosaics. According to a Greek hymn, Dolphins were once men, transformed into Dolphins by god Dionysus. It’s not strange that dolphins till today are considered as symbols of freedom, protection and good luck.

Dophin Fresco 1600BC Greece
Dolphin Fresco found in Greece dating to 1600BC

Lucky Dolphin for Protection and Friendship!

Sailors believed sight of dolphin meant that land was nearby. They also believed dolphins had the power of life and success for their sea voyages. Dolphins would often approach local fishermen in their docile, friendly way. They believed dolphin had the power to drive fish into nets. Their sociable personalities represented friendship with man. There are many tales of dolphins rescuing fishermen in peril and dolphins leading ships to fair seas. Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea, was often seen surrounded by Dolphins. In a myth, a dolphin saved Poseidon’s son, Taras, from drowning. Dolphins are present in the coat of arms of Anguilla, the coat of arms of Romania and the coat of arms of Barbados, thus symbolizing protection. If you wish to feel more protective or have that friendly aura, dolphin is your lucky charm.

Dolphins Protection Friendship
Dolphins are a lucky symbol of Protection and Friendship

Lucky Dolphin for True Love and Beauty!

In both ancient and later art, Cupid, the Roman God of Love, Desire and Affection is often shown riding a dolphin. It is believed that a person who is shot by Cupid’s arrow finds his/her true love and that a dolphin will bring that true lover to the person. In one myth about Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea, dolphin messengers were sent to bring him a nymph he loved, who he later married. So dolphins are also known as messengers of love. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure is often depicted with dolphins, riding them or being accompanied by them. It is believed that Dolphins enhance the beauty of anyone they are near to.

Keep a Dolphin with you to find your true love and become more beautiful!

Aphrodite with Dolphins
Artistic Impression of Aphrodite with Dolphins

Lucky Dolphin for Intelligence, Creativity & Art!

Dolphins are often regarded as one of Earth’s most intelligent animals. Dolphins are known to teach, learn, cooperate, scheme, and grieve. Dolphins can, however, establish strong social bonds; they will stay with injured or ill individuals, even helping them to breathe by bringing them to the surface if needed. Dolphins communicate using a variety of clicks, whistle-like sounds and other vocalizations. Dolphins also use nonverbal communication by means of touch and posturing. Having a Dolphin coin is a great way to harness it’s intelligence and channel it into you.

The influence of Dolphins on art is said to be great. Wear one for success in Music, Literature and Painting.

A Dolphin Painting a Picture
A Dolphin Painting a Picture

Lucky Dolphin – Powers and Uses people believe in!

♥ Gift a dolphin to a friend for lifelong friendship!

♥ Whisper to a Dolphin to help you find your true love and it is believed this messenger of love will bring your true love to you!

♥ While on water, a dolphin is believed to offer protection. Always keep it with you!

♥ Keep a dolphin in your dressing table or makeup kit for it’s magic to turn you more beautiful.

♥ It is also believed that if you carry a dolphin with you, you never lose your charm.

♥ A dolphin is said to bring wisdom and intelligence to you. Keep it with you as close as possible.

♥ Dolphin is a must for success in field of Art and Creativity like music, literature, painting, acting, etc.

♥ Looking at a dolphin everyday brings happiness in your life!

Silver Lucky Dolphin Coin has many Powers of Luck!
Silver Lucky Dolphin Coin has many Powers of Luck!

This Lucky Dolphin Coin Might Just Bring The Required Luck in These Times!

We believe a little luck on your side, goes a long way. So why not keep all the lucky charms with you all the time? But if you don’t want that, we have identified certain times and situations where this Lucky Dolphin Silver Coin might just bring the required luck to your side…

♥ Sea Voyage or Cruise:

♥ Fishing:

Celebrity Associations!

You thought only we are crazy about The Dolphin? Wait till you see these celebrities proudly showing off this symbol of luck. These are collected from various pictures available over the internet.

Actor Ben Affleck with a Dolphin Tattoo
Actor Ben Affleck with a Dolphin Tattoo
Actress Jessica Alba kissing a Dolphin
Actress Jessica Alba kissing a Dolphin
Duchess Kate Middleton with a Dolphin Brooch
Duchess Kate Middleton with a Dolphin Brooch
Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez JLo has a Dolphin Tattoo
Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez JLo has a Dolphin Tattoo
Super Model and Singer Victoria Beckham with a Dolphin
Super Model and Singer Victoria Beckham with a Dolphin

Lucky Dolphin on a Silver Coin!

Dolphins have been found on various coins across cultures and places in the world. We bring to you the cutest & luckiest dolphin we could find on a 99.9% Fine Silver Coin. May it bring you good luck and protection, wisdom, creativity, beauty, true love and friendship.

But why a silver coin?
♥ Silver is the luckiest metal on earth. It is precious. It has over a thousand industrial applications. It is even found in Supernovae. Wow!
♥ Coins have been considered lucky since their invention. Who wouldn’t want money? Finding a coin is considered lucky all over the world. But a coin with a hole is considered even more lucky. Don’t know why!
♥ Silver Coins are considered lucky on their own. There are various examples ranging from Lucky Sixpence in Great Britain to Mercury Dime in the US.
So, we took some Silver, made it into a Coin, drilled a tiny hole and put lucky charms on it. It is now Super Duper Lucky!

Accessorize your Lucky Charm!

We include a variety of freebies to accessorize your Lucky Charm. These are:
♥ A Silver Polished Key Ring
♥ A Multipurpose Silver Polished Chain
♥ A Silver Polished Charm Hanger
♥ A Multipurpose Strap

Lucky Charm Accessory Key Ring
Silver Polished Key Chain Ring
Lucky Charm Accessory Silver Polished Chain
Silver Polished Multi Purpose Chain
Lucky Charm Accessory Charm Hanger
Silver Polished Charm Hanger & Pendant Hook
Lucky Charm Accessory Thread Hanger
Nylon Thread Charm Hanger Strap

You can use these accessories and run your imagination wild in thinking of ways to wear your silver lucky charm coin. However we suggest you try some of these styles.

Lucky Horseshoe Belt Loop and Lucky Clover Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe & Lucky Clover on a Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe Silver Key Ring
Lucky Horseshoe on a Silver Key Ring
Lucky Ankh in Wallet
Lucky Ankh Silver Coin Card in Wallet
Lucky Elephant Silver Bracelet
Lucky Elephant on a Silver Bracelet
Lucky Clover on a Purse
Lucky Clover Silver Coin on a Purse
Lucky Ankh Necklace Lucky Dice Necklace
Lucky Ankh and Lucky Dice on a Silver Necklace
Lucky Ladybug Phone Strap
Lucky Ladybug Silver Coin as a Mobile Charm
Lucky Ladybug Silver Earring
Lucky Ladybug as a Silver Earring
Lucky Elephant Pen Drive
Lucky Elephant Silver Coin on a Pen Drive