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Lucky Horseshoe Silver Coin

Silver Lucky Horseshoe Coin has many Powers of Luck!Silver Lucky Horseshoe Coin has many Powers of Luck!

Lucky Horseshoe Silver Coin

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  •  Material: Lucky Horseshoe Silver Coin is made of Silver Metal of 999 Purity. Weight of Silver is 5 grams.
  •  Design: One side of the coin has a Lucky Horseshoe on it with Matte Finish. This is based on an original Iron Horseshoe which is considered the luckiest and oldest. The other side gives details of luck. The text is in Matte Finish. The coin has a tiny hole on the top which many consider lucky and it also facilitates other uses for the coin as an accessory.
  •  Packaging: Comes in an exquisite plastic card which is then packed into a beautiful envelope. We send various freebies to accessorize the coin. We send a Free Silver Care Kit with this product!
  •  Certification: This product is BIS Hallmarked. BIS hallmark is an official guarantee of purity of precious metal articles.
  •  Gift Occasions: This is an ideal gift for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to festivals and weddings. It is a perfect corporate and social gift.
  •  Ideal Gift For: Gift it to yourself or anyone who needs a little luck on his/her side.
  •  In the Box: One 999 Lucky Silver Coin, One Silver Polished Accessory Chain, One Silver Polished Charm Hanger, One Silver Polished Key Chain, One Charm Hanger Thread, One Silver Care Kit. Watch the Unboxing Video here!
  •  Warranty: Lifetime Buyback Warranty on Silver Metal. Please click here for further details.
1Customer Reviews
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Lucky Horseshoe
999 Fine Silver Coin

Ride and Never Fear the Fall!

One day, Devil walked into Dunstan’s Shop and asked him to shoe his horse. Dunstan, the blacksmith, pretended not to recognize him. But he nailed the horseshoe to the Devil’s foot, causing him great pain. Dunstan only removed the horseshoe when the Devil promised to never trouble a person with a horseshoe.

Some believe it should be kept in an upward position (“U”) to hold all good luck & power. Some believe downward position showers good fortune, fertility & protective power. But everyone believes it to be lucky!

Stroke of Luck
Brings Good Luck and
Power over Evil, Good Fortune, Fertility!

Luckshot In
Europe, US, India & later the Whole World!

Lucky Since ♠
Ancient Times

The Horseshoe Legends!

Origin of Horseshoe as a Lucky Symbol

The Horseshoe is one of the most known good luck symbols around the world. It has been used as a symbol of protection since ancient times.

There is an old legend about Saint Dunstan.

Saint Dunstan, the patron saint of England was also a great blacksmith. One day Devil cheated Saint Dunstan into making a promise to nail a horseshoe on the Devil’s horse. Saint Dunstan pretended to agree on taking on this task. The devil stood close by to make sure Saint Dunstan was true to his word. Saint Dunstan then suddenly grabbed hold of the Devil’s foot and with strong determination nailed the horseshoe on the foot of the Devil instead of his horse. The devil screamed as the pain was horrific. The Devil in extreme agony begged Saint Dunstan to remove the horseshoe. Saint Dunstan agreed to remove the horseshoe from the Devil’s foot under one condition; the devil was to swear never to enter any house that had a horseshoe hanging by the door. The Devil agreed instantly. That is why the horseshoe will keep evil out of the home and give you the power over evil, according to this old legend.

Horseshoe on Devil by Saint Dustan
Horseshoe on Devil by Saint Dustan

Lucky Horseshoe for Good Luck, Good Fortune and Fertility

It is believed that people in the ancient era did not understand why a horse never felt pain when the horseshoe was hammered into the horse’s hoof. It was believed it was the power and the magic of the horseshoe that ensured the horse never felt any discomfort. Naturally it became a Magic Symbol.

It is believed that if you find an old horseshoe with nails in it, it is extremely lucky. However, considering the modern times it is next to impossible. Hence we put this extremely fortunate symbol on a fortunate silver coin.

A horseshoe resembles a crescent moon and hence it was believed to be very fortunate in Ancient Egypt. The Greeks recognized this as a symbol of Fertility as a downward facing horseshoe resembled a womb.

The use of worn-out horseshoes as magically protective amulets – especially hung above or next to doorways – originated in Europe, where one can still find them nailed onto houses, barns, and stables from Italy through Germany and up into Britain and Scandinavia.

Iron Horseshoe nailed to a Door
Iron Horseshoe nailed to a Door

Lucky Horseshoe – Up or Down?

Some say it is most important to hang your horseshoe with the points upwards so that your luck does not escape. This way you capture your luck inside the horseshoe; this will secure the home from evil encounters and keep the luck secure.

Others believe the opposite. They claim that hanging your horseshoe with the points down will ensure good luck pouring down on everyone who walks underneath and will pour good luck into the home.

During the First World War the horseshoe with the points facing downwards on printed cards was most common. However in the modern world, more and more people tend to prefer the points of the horseshoe pointing up.

Face it up or down, a Horseshoe remains lucky! We give it to you on a coin so that you can have the freedom to decide for yourself.

Horseshoe - Lucky Up or Lucky Down?
Horseshoe – Lucky Up or Lucky Down?

Lucky Horseshoe – Powers and Uses people believe in!

♥ Hang it in an open space at your home like balcony, terrace door, etc. as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck that happens to be floating by.

♥ Hang it inside the main door of the house to shower luck upon you whenever you go out.

♥ Some sailors believe that nailing a horseshoe to the mast will help their vessel avoid storms. So keep it with you whenever you travel by sea or river.

♥ Horseshoe on the door is considered a protective talisman since ages. Hang it outside your main door to protect your home and family from evil.

♥ Hang it with a wind chime to bring additional Feng-Shui favor.

♥ Keep it in near you like in pocket, wallet or purse to protect you from evil all the time and shower good luck on you.

♥ Keep it near your bed in case you are planning a child. It will bring good luck and protect the child.

♥ Hang it on a crib, cradle, pram or in the children’s room to protect your children from evil and make fortune smile on them.

Silver Lucky Horseshoe Coin has many Powers of Luck!
Silver Lucky Horseshoe Coin has many Powers of Luck!

This Lucky Horseshoe Coin Might Just Bring The Required Luck in These Times!

We believe a little luck on your side, goes a long way. So why not keep all the lucky charms with you all the time? But if you don’t want that, we have identified certain times and situations where this Lucky Horseshoe Silver Coin might just bring the required luck to your side…

♥ Arranged Marriage:

Celebrity Associations!

You thought only we are crazy about The Horseshoe? Wait till you see these celebrities proudly showing off this ancient symbol of luck. These are collected from various pictures available over the internet.

Actress Scarlett Johansson showing off her Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo
Actress Scarlett Johansson showing off her Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo
Actress Cameron Diaz with a Horseshoe Pendant
Actress Cameron Diaz with a Horseshoe Pendant
Actress Kate Upton with her Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo
Actress Kate Upton with her Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo
Actor Brad Pitt wearing Horseshoe in a Movie
Actor Brad Pitt wearing Horseshoe in a Movie
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a Lucky Horseshoe Pendant
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a Lucky Horseshoe Pendant

Lucky Horseshoe on a Silver Coin!

Horseshoe of every shape and size are considered lucky, but we selected the one which was the most traditional. We bring this lucky charm to you on a 99.9% Fine Silver Coin. May it bring you good luck, Power over Evil, Good Fortune, Fertility.

But why a silver coin?
♥ Silver is the luckiest metal on earth. It is precious. It has over a thousand industrial applications. It is even found in Supernovae. Wow!
♥ Coins have been considered lucky since their invention. Who wouldn’t want money? Finding a coin is considered lucky all over the world. But a coin with a hole is considered even more lucky. Don’t know why!
♥ Silver Coins are considered lucky on their own. There are various examples ranging from Lucky Sixpence in Great Britain to Mercury Dime in the US.
So, we took some Silver, made it into a Coin, drilled a tiny hole and put lucky charms on it. It is now Super Duper Lucky!

Accessorize your Lucky Charm!

We include a variety of freebies to accessorize your Lucky Charm. These are:
♥ A Silver Polished Key Ring
♥ A Multipurpose Silver Polished Chain
♥ A Silver Polished Charm Hanger
♥ A Multipurpose Strap

Lucky Charm Accessory Key Ring
Silver Polished Key Chain Ring
Lucky Charm Accessory Silver Polished Chain
Silver Polished Multi Purpose Chain
Lucky Charm Accessory Charm Hanger
Silver Polished Charm Hanger & Pendant Hook
Lucky Charm Accessory Thread Hanger
Nylon Thread Charm Hanger Strap

You can use these accessories and run your imagination wild in thinking of ways to wear your silver lucky charm coin. However we suggest you try some of these styles.

Lucky Horseshoe Belt Loop and Lucky Clover Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe & Lucky Clover on a Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe Silver Key Ring
Lucky Horseshoe on a Silver Key Ring
Lucky Ankh in Wallet
Lucky Ankh Silver Coin Card in Wallet
Lucky Elephant Silver Bracelet
Lucky Elephant on a Silver Bracelet
Lucky Clover on a Purse
Lucky Clover Silver Coin on a Purse
Lucky Ankh Necklace Lucky Dice Necklace
Lucky Ankh and Lucky Dice on a Silver Necklace
Lucky Ladybug Phone Strap
Lucky Ladybug Silver Coin as a Mobile Charm
Lucky Ladybug Silver Earring
Lucky Ladybug as a Silver Earring
Lucky Elephant Pen Drive
Lucky Elephant Silver Coin on a Pen Drive