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Fine Silver Ballpoint Pen

Fine Silver Ballpoint Pen by OsasbazaarFine Silver Ballpoint Pen by Osasbazaar

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6Customer Reviews

Description: A very stylish Silver Ball Point Pen which is definitely better than any branded pen. Made of Pure Silver! A perfect Corporate Gift and birthday gift.

♥ Material: Pure Silver Body with standard Ballpoint Refill. Silver Purity: 97%-99%

♥ Dimensions: Length: 13.5 cms, Silver Weight: Approx. 13-15 gms.

♥ Packaging: Ready-to-Gift, Silver Leatherette & Blue Satin/Velvet Box.

♥ Certification: BIS Hallmarked Item.

♥ Free: You get a free Silver Care Kit with this product!

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6Customer Reviews
Nov 28, 2019 by ADITYA SINGH LODHI on amazon

Awesome pen for gift and personal use

•wow nice silver pen.✓ •Its finishing is fabulous.✓ •It's awesome for gift and personal use.✓ •I am surprised it also give packing paper nice packing✓ Check the original review here!
Oct 6, 2019 by Shu on

Mind-blowing purchase

packing is awesome. comes with a care kit. Good one Check the original review here!
Aug 5, 2018 by Priya Sharma on


The Best pen I have ever used, Liked this product very much..Osasbazaar has packed very nicely and a good product to be gifted. Check the original review here!
Mar 20, 2018 by Prerna Himalion on amazon

Five Stars

Dec 25, 2017 by Deepak on amazon

Perfect and awesome

Apr 1, 2016 by Flipkart Customers on

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One 5 star rating & One 1 star rating received on Flipkart! Average - 3 Stars! Check the ratings here!


A very stylish Silver Ball Point Pen which is definitely better than any branded pen. Made of Pure Silver! A perfect Corporate Gift and birthday gift.

Osasbazaar® Pure Silver Ballpoint Pen – BIS Hallmarked:

Pens of one type or the other have been used for thousands of years. But we all need that one pen which is special to us. Presenting a Pure Silver Pen by Osasbazaar® which you can keep close to your heart. This is your special pen. It is sophisticated, uber & plush. It is better than any branded pen because it has an intrinsic value, because it is made of silver with 97%-99% purity. This is a ballpoint pen. A ballpoint pen uses oil-based ink. It has a controlled action and lasts longer than a rollerball pen. It does not bleed on the back of the paper. The refill in the pen can be changed, so write all you want!

♥ Material:

The body of the pen is made of Pure Silver Metal of 97%-99% Purity. It uses a standard ballpoint refill. The refill is removable.

♥ Design:

A Sophisticated combination of pattern design with glossy finish makes it look very appealing. The pen has a long elegant clip. This pen has a very smooth twist mechanism for a perfect writing experience.

♥ Dimensions:

Length: 13.5 cms.
Silver Weight: Approx. 13-15 gms (Silver articles are handmade so, weight might differ).
Check ‘Features’ image.

♥ Packaging:

Ready-to-Gift, Silver Leatherette and Blue Satin/Velvet Box.
You get a Free Silver Care Kit with this item!

♥ Certification:

This item is BIS Hallmarked (Check hallmark Image)

♥ Gift Occasions:

It’s a wonderful gift for almost every occasion. Best for Corporate Gifting and work related events. Also a great gift on birthdays and casual occasions.

♥ Ideal Gift For:

All your family and friends. Useful gift to impress your work associates and clients. Also a romantic gift for your loved one!

♥ Warranty:

Lifetime Buyback Warranty on Silver Metal. Please click here for further details.