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Lucky Dice Silver Coin

Silver Lucky 7 Dice has many Powers of Luck!Silver Lucky 7 Dice has many Powers of Luck!

Lucky Dice Silver Coin


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 Material: Lucky 7 Dice Silver Coin is made of Silver Metal of 999 Purity. Weight of Silver is 5 grams.

 Design: One side of the coin has a Lucky 7 Dice on it with Matte Finish. This is a special dice with it’s sides summing up to 7. The other side of the coin gives details of luck. The text is in Matte Finish. The coin has a tiny hole on the top which many consider lucky and it also facilitates other uses for the coin as an accessory.

 Packaging: Comes in an exquisite plastic card which is then packed into a beautiful envelope. We send various freebies to accessorize the coin. We send a Free Silver Care Kit with this product!

 Certification: This product is BIS Hallmarked. BIS hallmark is an official guarantee of purity of precious metal articles.

 Gift Occasions: This is an ideal gift for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to festivals and weddings. It is a perfect corporate and social gift.

 Ideal Gift For: Gift it to yourself or anyone who needs a little luck on his/her side.

 In the Box: One 999 Lucky Silver Coin, One Silver Polished Accessory Chain, One Silver Polished Charm Hanger, One Silver Polished Key Chain, One Charm Hanger Thread, One Silver Care Kit. Watch the Unboxing Video Here!

 Warranty: Lifetime Buyback Warranty on Silver Metal. Please click here for further details.

3Customer Reviews
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Lucky 7 Dice
999 Fine Silver Coin

Life is like a dice… You never know what comes next!

So many games of chance are played with the dice, it’s no surprise that these are a symbol of luck.

Number Seven is considered lucky in many religions & cultures. It has appeared repeatedly in all historic events and things like Seven Seas, 7 Colors in a Rainbow, 7 Ancient Wonders, 7 Virtues & Sins, etc.

This Lucky 7 Dice Coin has three 7 combinations and brings good luck in Games of Chance, Risks of Life & even lotteries. Time to hit the Jackpot!


♠ Brings Good Luck in
Lottery, Risks of Life, Games of Chance!

Luckshot In
Macau, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Goa & the Whole World!

Lucky Since ♠
Recent Find

The 7 Dice Legends!

Origin of 7 Dice as a Lucky Symbol

The Dice has been a part of ancient history across the world. A pair of dice decided the fate in the great gambling match of the Mahabharata Epic. In the Indian Mythology the Gods themselves were sometimes shown immersed in a game of dice. At the most sublime and transcendental level, Krishna, revealing His universal form to Arjuna, tells him that “Of those things which deceive, I am the dice.”

Shiva and Parvati were sometimes depicted playing the game, and Balarama challenged Rukmini repeatedly. As if they held the fate of masses of mankind in their hands, they let fly dice which thundered across the heavens.

Anything touched and used by Gods is considered supremely lucky. No wonder dice are considered to be a lucky symbol to get you through the risks of life and games of chances.

Mahabharata Dice
Artistic Representation of Dice Used in Mahabharata

Lucky Dice – Around the World!

Dice are lucky symbol recognized all around the globeDice and dice games have been around for centuries. Games of 5000 year old board, have been found in Iran backgammon, and contain the original cube. Said apparently originated in Asia, dice games and gambling in the Bible and in ancient Greece were very popular. Ancient dice were found in bone, ivory, wood, metal and stone. Every religion around the world, every country around the world believes that dice with a combination of 7 on it is lucky!


Roman Dice
Roman Dice made of Bones from 1st – 3rd Century AD

Lucky Dice – The Power of 7!

Each of the six sides of a die is so dotted (numbered) that the top and bottom of every die, taken together, add up to seven. The same holds true for every face, and, whatever the number of dice, their top and bottom faces added together always equal a multiple of seven.

We have taken this a step further. In our lucky 7 dice silver coin, the corresponding sides of both the dice also add up to 7. Hence there are every possible combination of 7 on this dice which makes it very very lucky.

But why is 7 considered lucky on a dice?
Because when you roll two standard six-sided dice, seven has a 6 in 36 (or 1/6) probability of being rolled (1–6, 6–1, 2–5, 5–2, 3–4, or 4–3), the greatest of any number. No wonder 7 on the dice is lucky for everyone!

Lucky Seven 7 Dice
Our Lucky Dice always adds up to Number 7

Lucky 7 Dice – Why is 7 Lucky?

Number Seven is considered lucky in many religions & cultures. It has appeared repeatedly in all historic events and things like Seven Seas, 7 Colors in a Rainbow, 7 Ancient Wonders, 7 Virtues & Sins, etc. Snow White lived with Seven Dwarves and even James Bond was known as 007. A poll of about 30,000 people confirmed that 7 is considered the favorite lucky number. Even in Hinduism you’ll find ‘SaptaRishi’ or Seven Sages. Seven is a favorite of gamblers. Three sevens make a blackjack, a big jackpot on a slot machine and a winner in the game of Craps.

With such a history, belief and associations it’s no wonder that 7 is considered a lucky number around the world.

Lucky Number 7 Seven
Number 7 is considered Lucky by majority.

Lucky 7 Dice – Powers and Uses people believe in!

♥ If you keep this Lucky 7 Dice Coin along with your lottery ticket, your chances to win might improve!

♥ If you play Lotto on your mobile, hang this Lucky 7 Dice Coin on your mobile!

♥ Hanging the Lucky 7 Dice Coin in your car will save you from the risks of accidents!

♥ It goes without saying that you have to carry this while playing in a casino. Keep it in your pocket or on your table to improve your luck!

♥ Keep it in your office to help you with the risks of business, profession or your job – calculated or uncalculated!

♥ If you play any kind of sport or game this Lucky 7 Dice Coin will help make lessen unwanted difficulties and risks and improve your chances to win!

♥ In general this Luck 7 Dice might help you stay away from deception and deceptive people!

Silver Lucky 7 Dice has many Powers of Luck!
Silver Lucky 7 Dice has many Powers of Luck!

This Lucky 7 Dice Coin Might Just Bring The Required Luck in These Times!

We believe a little luck on your side, goes a long way. So why not keep all the lucky charms with you all the time? But if you don’t want that, we have identified certain times and situations where this Lucky 7 Dice Silver Coin might just bring the required luck to your side…

♥ Risks of Life:

Celebrity Associations!

You thought only we are crazy about The Dice? Wait till you see these celebrities proudly showing off this symbol of luck. These are collected from various pictures available over the internet.

Saira Banu with Lucky 7 Dice
Indian Actress Saira Banu with Lucky 7 Dice
Britney Spears Dice Tattoo
Singer Britney Spears sporting a Dice Tattoo
Katy Perry Dice Costume
Singer Katy Perry in a Dice Costume

Lucky 7 Dice on a Silver Coin!

The dice is an indispensable lucky charm in India. And number 7 is considered very lucky in Hinduism. We found a perfect dice with corresponding sides adding up to 7 along with opposite sides and imprinted it on a 99.9% Fine Silver Coin. May it bring you good luck and fortune in Games of Chance, Risks of Life and even Lotteries.

But why a silver coin?
♥ Silver is the luckiest metal on earth. It is precious. It has over a thousand industrial applications. It is even found in Supernovae. Wow!
♥ Coins have been considered lucky since their invention. Who wouldn’t want money? Finding a coin is considered lucky all over the world. But a coin with a hole is considered even more lucky. Don’t know why!
♥ Silver Coins are considered lucky on their own. There are various examples ranging from Lucky Sixpence in Great Britain to Mercury Dime in the US.
So, we took some Silver, made it into a Coin, drilled a tiny hole and put lucky charms on it. It is now Super Duper Lucky!

Accessorize your Lucky Charm!

We include a variety of freebies to accessorize your Lucky Charm. These are:
♥ A Silver Polished Key Ring
♥ A Multipurpose Silver Polished Chain
♥ A Silver Polished Charm Hanger
♥ A Multipurpose Strap

Lucky Charm Accessory Key Ring
Silver Polished Key Chain Ring
Lucky Charm Accessory Silver Polished Chain
Silver Polished Multi Purpose Chain
Lucky Charm Accessory Charm Hanger
Silver Polished Charm Hanger & Pendant Hook
Lucky Charm Accessory Thread Hanger
Nylon Thread Charm Hanger Strap

You can use these accessories and run your imagination wild in thinking of ways to wear your silver lucky charm coin. However we suggest you try some of these styles.

Lucky Horseshoe Belt Loop and Lucky Clover Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe & Lucky Clover on a Belt Loop
Lucky Horseshoe Silver Key Ring
Lucky Horseshoe on a Silver Key Ring
Lucky Ankh in Wallet
Lucky Ankh Silver Coin Card in Wallet
Lucky Elephant Silver Bracelet
Lucky Elephant on a Silver Bracelet
Lucky Clover on a Purse
Lucky Clover Silver Coin on a Purse
Lucky Ankh Necklace Lucky Dice Necklace
Lucky Ankh and Lucky Dice on a Silver Necklace
Lucky Ladybug Phone Strap
Lucky Ladybug Silver Coin as a Mobile Charm
Lucky Ladybug Silver Earring
Lucky Ladybug as a Silver Earring
Lucky Elephant Pen Drive
Lucky Elephant Silver Coin on a Pen Drive